Animal Farm

          On the last term of my fifth year in Liger, Claire, our literacy facilitator came up with a new, interesting lesson to all of us. It was “Animal Farm.” Personally, I was being enthusiastic about this last lesson with her since I used to test on it during my reading test. There were other students tested on this book too. “ Animal Farm” is a book written by George Orwell. This book reflect the tragic situation during the Soviet Union which was Russian Revolution.

          The book was giving us of a lot of tastes of life experiences that we can it’s an allegory of the Russian Revolution. The author was being really creative about the characters in the story with its unique name that can relate to other famous people in the history or relate to the characteristic of each character. There were Napoleon, Snowball, Old Major, and Squealer as the pig, Mr. Jones as the farmer, Boxer, Mollie, and Muriel as the horses, Benjamin as the donkey and many more. In description, this is a book describing a life of all animals in animal farm trying to fight back the farmer or human who always takes the product that they made. They made the seven amendments, planned for the war to fight back to the owner, and working harder for the new invention.

           All the students including me were really enjoying with the story, they were instantaneously responding where there were questions. This clearly showed the attractiveness of the story that approach audience with great detailed information. Also, there were some times in class, my friend, Niron and I were arguing with each other about the story, specifically about the Napoleon. We weren’t confront each other, but we tried to communicate and deliver our opinion. I thought that it was the remarkable time in literacy since we never had this kind of conversation in literacy class.

          I also had the most memorable highlight in this lesson with my teacher. While everybody followed Claire’s reading and when it came to the dialogue part in the story, she made each distinguish sound for each character. I can say, she was impersonating. Sometimes, it irked me positively since it caused me to laugh so hard which I couldn’t focus in class. Another highlight is answering all the questions she provided us as an assignments or discussion in class. I really love it, it helps me to enhance my comprehensions.

         Last, this is the last lesson that we learned with her and she’ll leave Liger with Liger great experience with her. We love her, she’s a great literacy facilitator because she pushed us so hard that sometimes we couldn’t hold find anything to hold like a wind tries to blow us. She helped us with her best effort. We wouldn’t be resilience without her offer to Liger. Back to Animal Farm, if you want practice or try to improve your understand and elaborate your idea about this story, here are some of the topics.

  1. The Contrast of Animal Farm After the Battle of Cowshed
  2. Allegorical Meaning of Animals
  3. Similarities and Differences Between Lenin’s and Old Major’s Speech
  4. What’s in the Name of the Characters

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