2016-2017 Yearly Reflection

My Changing Cambodia of 2017

           “Life will flow and change perfectly for others and you if you make some gesture.” If you wonder the definition of the word “change” technically, it means “Make or become different or an act or process through which something becomes different.” (Google)  For my definition personally, the word “change” means the process of you making baby steps while changing yourself and others through the course of action and it doesn’t have to be successful. I like to dream big and make small steps and my dream is to become an artist, but there are other significant passions that I passionate and help to change this remarkable, beautiful country. This 2017, I have three main, conspicuous changes that I made for my country which are the three projects I’d been through, which are Preventative Health, Waste Management, and Game Design.

           Preventative Health is an exploration of promoting the workshop about health to kids in rural areas, especially in the islands. I was a member of this exploration and we did some research that related to science and health, mainly about human health. We also did meet with other professors from different locations. This project overcame with the idea of promoting and raising the awareness and the prevention of dental issue. We set up a field trip to Koh Rong Archipelago including Koh Rong island, Koh Rong Songlem island and Song Sea Island to share and bring our workshop with them. At that moment, I was enthusiastically eager to share all the things we prepared for those kids all the islands who had lack of education and health care. It was a great opportunity for all of us in the group to be there, we prepared a small skit about the science of dental issue for those kids. When we arrived the island, it amazingly amazed us with the environment, view and people, especially those kids who are welcoming and looking ready for our workshop. After sharing all the information about the dental issue to those kids, I felt alive and optimistic again because I knew myself that I’m in the process of changing my wonderful Cambodia. Furthermore, I change myself to be a better person in Cambodia. During the trip, I got to introduce to new experience and accomplish my dreams. My dreams are snorkeling to see all the extraordinary marine creatures and scuba-diving into a deep underwater world. In addition, my teammates and I got to learn about the three main ecologies, including seagrass beds, coral reefs, and mangrove forests. This is the part we also do change Cambodia and get small young Cambodians to know about their environment and really show the passions about their country’s ecosystem. Right now, I still have a motivation of proceeding more actions for those kids and currently, I’m working on anti-trawling artificial reefs in Cambodia. Hopefully, I will come up with a new project that relates to health. Lastly, the whole project is really special for me because it made me be who I am today, finding my passion and helping me to push myself to be a change agent of Cambodia.      

          The second change that I made is the project called “Waste Management 4.” This project also relates to promoting to people. It is about promoting to people in the community, Champukaek of the compost business or idea. This is the project that working in the course of four rounds already and all the students are in the project working and trying reluctantly and being resilience by helping to improve the community into a better place with all the possible solutions that they came up with. I’m also a part of this wonderful project, it gave me a lot of experience of working with those delightful villagers. In this last round, my team starts to host a workshop of presenting our project with compost, also information about compost including the benefits and how can we implement of compost as a part of improving the family’s livelihood. This conspicuously demonstrates of me trying to help to change Cambodian society. I would like to continue this project in this round, but due to time constraint, we have to delay it. Truly, I really have a passion for helping people in Cambodia because I love commuting. Also, I already know that Waste Management project is going to change me to be a better person with outside society. Simultaneously, it also changes and improves the community society. Consequently, the reputation of the community will spread out and it’s going to have many delivering with this special project. Lastly, I will try to continue this project as hard and smart as I can in order to help my people in the Cambodia. Also, trying to help myself to another level, which is one of the essential importance for myself and the people around me. In addition, taking baby steps with a Waste Management project is only the effective way to move fast, since this project is involving with a business which requires a lot of trust and effort from customers and yourself.

          The last project that I help to change Cambodia is Game Design. Game Design is a project that had three rounds focusing on establishing board games. The main theme of the board game is Climate Change. The main intention of this board game is to distribute all the climate change board game all around Cambodian government schools because it’s really significant to all the students in Cambodia getting to know the problem that’s happening around the world currently. I might know that some other people’s perspective might think that how does it change Cambodia when all the students are working in class? As I stated earlier, change doesn’t mean that you do something to get the outcomes, it also can be something you do in the process to make a change. So, this project fully demonstrates to what I’m trying to speak about the word “change.” In this project, we worked reluctantly of trying to find enough information from government educational curriculum questions to implement in our board games so, the students can learn and answer. Also, designing the prototype of the whole board game including the layout design of the board, components that include pawns, bonus cards, question cards, dices and more. These were the works that required a lot of effort and determination from you as a dedication to the project of changing Cambodia. As the next step, I still join to be part of this project next year as an expertise. I will try to come up with new designs by improving and give feedback to the old prototype. Therefore, this project is an endless project because I think that Cambodia in the future will need this educational board games everywhere, also in order to make the change with this wonderful project, all of us including me to dedicate a strong firmness and performance as simultaneously being helpful to the holding group in the project.

          In conclusion, this is the greatest year so far and everything is running smoothly. Changing Cambodia is always a duty for every student in Liger Learning Center (LLC) to carry every year by taking big and small actions with them, participate actively in the projects that can make a change. As I stated all the three main projects earlier, it obviously demonstrates how hard I worked to help myself and everyone. Preventative Health was incredibly changed my mind with its cool plan of educating poor students on the island of Koh Rong, Song Saa, and Koh Rong Sanlem. Also, Waste Management does helping to change Cambodia by distributing the idea of compost business and the education of compost to the villagers in Champukaek which is a great way to contact with Cambodian people. The last one is Game Design. Game Design had been a wonderful, adventurous process to help Cambodian students. In addition, it helps to educate and improve their knowledge and learning style. Therefore, my last word is change isn’t something that needs the outcome. It also can be a process to make the change to the country and world. In my opinion, there’s nothing beautiful that the effort that you dedicated to the wild adventure to change the world, especially Cambodia to a better place.

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