Artificial Reef Served Cambodia

          After taking a start off with this project in the first round, my partner and I were starting to feel that we received a lot of background information. We decided to put all of our plans and ideas into action. Personally, I couldn’t wait to see this project keeps growing in the future. We set the main goal which was writing a final report where we could present to the public. In the process of writing up this report, Soliday and I threw the idea of deploying our own artificial reef. We were struggling at the beginning of where we should deploy the artificial reef, and who we should contact with. It was a hard time for both of us.

          Later on, we decided that we could deploy the artificial reef on the island, Koh Seh. Half of this island is owned by the MCC as known as Marine Conservation in Cambodia, and another half is owned by the government. Liger had been working and collaborating with MCC on many different projects. There were Marine Conservation and Climate Change Submit. Soliday and I were extremely happy; I started to design our first artificial reef. As I started, I sketched out many designs by using techniques from the engineering class. Out of all the designs, we chose one, and it will be in cubic form.

          Unluckily, the product didn’t match with the drawing. There was a misunderstanding between us and the constructor, instead of making cubes, we were making blocks. Therefore, it was a bad situation, but we tried to reuse those blocks and formed it by stacking on each other. Soliday and I still kept the idea of the cubes for another time. We didn’t realize that our mistake led us to the new discovery which was reusing the blocks and making it to different things. It was actually a bonus for us. The artificial reef got deployed by Soliday with her exploration teammates; sadly, I wasn’t there with the team. After finishing the big part of our project, we still needed to wait for the result.

          We are still working, and we are still keeping the idea that didn’t make out for us. In my mind, I wanted to see many organisms living in the new home, including vertebrates, and invertebrates. In addition, we still need to accomplish our goal: writing the report. There were a lot of information and research papers we had that we needed to gather. To be honest, writing a report is really difficult for me, but it was also important to me and Soliday. The reason was that we wanted to share this report with our school director, conservation teams around Cambodia, and mainly, Cambodians including youths and elders. After all, I had a remarkable time and fun time to be a part of this project. It was nearly a year we had been working and researching on it. It was also a privilege for both of us to help and take care the marine lives and ocean in Cambodia.

Lakorn Sromol Sbek Thom Performance

On Friday August 26 of 2016, I am one of the members in one expertise called “Podcast.” The liger students are still continuing the podcast of season two and episode five. The episode five of season two will be about “Lakorn Sromol Sbek Thom or Cambodia Shadow Puppet.” This is one of the ancient arts in Asia and there some countries whose are having this kind of art too, such as Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. So, we went to the show that shows about this art in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and I’m so excited and happy for this opportunity to the arts of Cambodia, also it is my first time to see this dancing. After we arrived that place, my friends and I realized that it is a place that Cambodian original song took the film there. We were happy to be there and it is an honor to watch the Cambodian performance. So we enjoyed the rest of the performance. After, we went to interview some of the performers and the director of that place and it is very inspirational.
Our group planed to invite the director of the place to come to our school, Liger Learning Center, in order to get more information for our podcast expertise. This is one of the successful time for our group, that we determined and be competitive to ourself to make this first episode of the second season is precious.

Kingdom of WOW Talent Show!

DO YOU WANT TO HEAR SOMETHING EXCITED!? This is such an incredible, ecstatic year for me because I done something cool and hand an opportunity to my Cambodian nation and young generation. This project is called “Kingdom of Wow” or “KWOW” talent show! I’m so happy that my members, Liger students help to make this talent show existed. So I’m going to tell you all the complicated works and joyful times that are happened during our planning for this fantastic talent show.

There are five members are joined and planning the whole system, works in this event. So there are Sovannou, Sovannary, Vornsar, and my facilitator, Jaime and I. We are incredibly working hard, giving our best and showing our effort and combine it together to make our plan success. So first of all, for the first we met together we just tried to find the name for our talent show. There are many names that we brainstormed, such as: Angkor WHAT!! Talent Show, Cambo’s Got Skills, Kingdom of Wonder Talent Show, Camtalent, 855 Talent, Pearl of Asia Talent Show and there’s a lot more. After that we finalized till “Kingdom of Wow!” Everybody are happy with the name that we had chosen.

Afterward, we start to think about the system of how are all the talented people access or joined this event? At that we thought as a big picture, we thought about Cambodian society because there are a lot of rural people that can’t acces to internet. So we brought up two best ideas are for people that can access to internet by signing up by Google Form and for people that can’t access to internet, we will print as a paper for them to fill. But how can you spread out the word? So we chose to spread out the word by creating a facebook, instagram, mail and more.

Working for awhile, we just realized that it’s nearly time to start the event and it’s on June, 6. So, we invited a group of people from AIS, American International School to discuss on this event with. Mostly there were a lot of participants and performers from AIS and they planned to perform Cambodian traditional dancing. But, just having performers only from one location wasn’t enough for our talent show. So, our committee members started to go to many different government school and villages. We recruited all the students or teenagers whoes under ages of 18. It is a very fun and joyful time for all of us as a committee to help of recruiting students to get the best performer for our show. Therefore, we got most of the performers from villages, government schools in local and city.

THE SHOW IS HAPPENING! So our show was taken place at the Black Box Theatre in ISPP, International School of Phnom Penh. The theatre is huge and fit up to 500 people, so this is the best place for us to conduct and make our show happens. The committees and workers of the talent show weren’t expect many guests will join to see the performance but by the time the event started, there were no more chairs for the guests, it means the chairs were full of guests. YEAH! So the event just went on regularly as we planned and the performers will perform in order of the list. There are three judges to note and make the decision who will be the winners. Also, the guests were also the judges for this shows by letting out the papers to all of them and let them vote for their favorites or we can call IDOL.

By the end of this show, there were winners who won the prize for each specific categories. There are Martial Arts, Singing, Traditional Khmer Dance, Hip Hop and Magic and Band Performance. So the winner for Martial art and Magic went to a Liger student, Nilroth. The first place of best band performance was Who Band sang a song called “ដើម្បីអូន” or For You. The second place was Simphony Senior Band sang a song called “Cool Kids.” For best singing performance won by a younges boy name “Hak Meng Hong” sang “ថ្នម” or Care. The best dance performer was a performers from AIS danced “របាំកណ្តូបបុកស្រូវ” or Grasshoppers Dance. And the Audience Choice Award went to Hak Meng Hong! The youngest boy. All of the performers were having a lot of fun and great time of joining this event and wait to see what the things will be unique for the second of Kingdom of WOW.

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Water Science

In our STEM class and those of you who doesn’t STEM, is standing for Science, Technology, Engineer and Math. So in this class, we learned and focus on one science called “Water.” As we know that atoms are the building blocks of all material in and on earth. This is the atomic structure.

Water Science

As the diagram shows in the middle of the atom, we call it “Nucleus.” It is the core of the atom that have “Protons” and “Neutrons” inside it. Protons is with the positive charge and Neutrons with no charge. But the outside wall of the atom has “Electrons” and with the negative charge. For extra information, The number of protons always equals to the number of electrons. Atoms react with other atoms is to become more stable forming compounds. For example the H2O is the compound of water.

So, this is a focus of water and this is the diagram shows about the water compound of how each element reacts and combine to form a compound.

Water Science (1)

As the diagram shows the hydrogen only had one electron and one proton. Inside the nucleus of oxygen there eight protons and eight neutrons and the number of electron of the first orbit is two, so it’s fine. But on the second orbit of the oxygen atom there are only six electrons and that is meaning it needs two more electrons. So, the other two hydrogens come and share their electrons to the oxygen’s electrons because hydrogen is only had one electron. Finally, it forms a water compounds.

The place that both type of atoms, hydrogen and oxygen call “Covalent Bonds.” It is a very strong bond when they connected to each other. For the negative sign side and positive sign side is called “Polarity” and means it had both positive and negative. Source from the diagram the oxygen had a negative pull and the hydrogen had a positive pull. So, it attracts to each other like a magnet.

I learned a lot about the science of water but there’s a question, Why Life Require Water? There are four points why life requires water.
A good solvent – it means it can dissolve material. For example, Dishes.
Ice float – less dense (if ice sinks to the bottom of the lake. The ice will freeze down there soon all the water will form ice.
High heat capacity – it is how water heated up required a lot of energy. Also it takes a lot of energy when it cools down.
Metabolism – Our body needs water to break down food, so when you eat food it helps to digest.

There’s also a question why water polar? The reason why water polars because in the oxygen of water molecule, there are eight protons and the electrons on the last orbit only have six, so it’s not stable. So the other two hydrogens is sharing with each other. Now, it had ten electrons. Let the oxygen has eight protons and ten electrons. So the electron is stronger than the proton and it’s like the gravity is pulling down to connect with each other. It’ like they batteries can connect with each other only negative and positive goes together.

STEM Day at Liger Learning Center

This is the best day ever! Because today we’re having the STEAM event in school. So today, there are many tasks that our teachers created for us. There are Painting, Acting, Programming, Ruberg and many more. I joined Paint of showing the STEAM because you know what is my tremendous passion is and go to read About Me. So, we were having a lot of fun time together and we will do it again next year with the next generations of our Liger school! Last, this is the best time we spent together and it’s such a memorable, remarkable situation that we’re never forget.

Marketing Expertise

Marketing is an expertise teaches students how to find money in a different ways. In this expertise we try to find money for printing the Animal Guide Book and Cambodian Economy Book that Liger Student had written for awhile. In class, we contacted to the printing location. So, we find a way to find money for printing by selling mugs, T-shirts, hats and key chains. We print the art works from the Animal Guide Book and put it on the mugs and T-shirts. A lot of people and guest had bought our mugs and T-shirts, so we get a lot income to our marketing team in order to success the target. Our mentor in class named Jaime. She is a great person to have in Liger Learning Center because every times she gives her full determination, working hard, try to solve the conflict as best as she can and one cool thing is she always had a joyful face and that makes everybody’s day. Also we some activities such as making video too.

Cooking Expertise

Becoming older in life, we have to experience with something that’s remarkable and help us to face life. That is Cooking. All the students live in Liger for four years, they now become something call “Senior Cohort.” It’s been a while to stay and learn as Junior Cohort but becoming older is bring us to take another step in life. So cooking expertise is cooking class is guiding us to be able to cook when we come back from holiday, we can cook properly. Our advisor is this class, Matt is a chef of the school. He had a lot of experience cooking, also it’s his passion. Everyday in cooking class he helps us, gives us feedback, and support us to be brave to get reading in cooking. He always gives his full effort in class to teach us. After, we learn all the courses we’re having a small test that wraps up our whole cooking class courses.

I want to tell something to all the cooks, there is something called “Cross Contamination.” Cross Contamination is an action of bacteria spread to other places by humans. For example, while you’re cutting the chicken and there’s a blood. After that you continue to cut the vegetables. This an action of Cross Contamination because when you prepare the chicken, the chicken blood had a lot of bacteria and without clean you hand, you continue to prepare the vegetable. So before doing something, everybody have to clean their hands and if you’re cooking, you have to clean your hand after finished one step and to another step to avoid Cross Contamination.

If you are the beginner of cooking, this is some lessons that I had learn for the time in class.

thumb_DSC_7416_1024pasted image 0IMG_2229

Gender Reflection

Gender Reflection

On the first day I learned a new topic is called Gender and Society. I learned five key vocab words. Such as: Gay, Lesbian, trangender, coming out, straight and in the closet. Gay homosexual meaning being attracted to the same gender actually refer to males. Lesbian homosexual meaning attracted to the same gender and refer to females and people never use the word lesbian can’t use for males. But for the word gay we can use it for males and females. Trangender means a person who born in a male body but a female brain or born in female body but a male brain. Coming out means tell people that you know you are gay, lesbian or trangender. Straight means not gay or anything. In the closet means someone who is secretly gay has not tell anyone yet but you know you are. Also Caro explained us about the topic by giving a lot of information and watching the videos. But for now America allows all gays, lesbians or trangender married each other and this law it just an early law that coming out in America.
For my thinking it is best because if the male marries female is normal and what people thinking that they want to marry male with male or female with female is normal too because people will not have any problem but if they don’t have this law they just live as a boyfriend or girlfriend. But if they married each other their family is in peace with happy faces too. What the estimation said nine millions of Americans identify as a gay, that a lot!

Khmer New Year!



ថ្ងៃទីមួយ៖ មហាសង្ក្រាន្ត
ថ្ងៃទីពីរ៖ ​​វិរៈវ័នប័ត
ថ្ងៃទីបី៖ វិរៈឡើងស័ក្ត


ថ្ងៃអាទិត្យ៖ នាង ទុង្សា ទេវី សៀតផ្កាទទឹម គ្រឿងប្រដាប់បទុមរាគ ភក្សាហារ​ ផ្លែឧទុម្ភ
អាវុធស្តាំច័ក្រ ឆ្វេងស័ង្ខ ពាហនៈ គ្រុឌ។
ថ្ងៃច័ន្ទ៖ នាង គោរាគ ទេវី សៀតផ្កាអង្គាបុស្ស ប្រដាប់មុក្តា ភក្សាហារ ប្រេង អាវុធស្តាំ
​ ព្រះខ័ន្ធ ឆ្វេងឈើច្រត់ ពាហនៈ ខ្លា។
ថ្ងៃអង្គារ៖ នាង​ រាក្យសា ទេវី សៀតផ្កាឈូក គ្រឿងប្រដាប់មោរា ភក្សាហារ លោហិត អាវុធ
​​ ស្តាំត្រីសូល៍ ឆ្វេងធ្នូ​ ពាហនៈ អស្សតរ។
ថ្ងៃពុធ៖ នាង​ មណ្ឌា ទេវី​ សៀតផ្កាចម៉្បា គ្រឿងប្រដាប់ពិទូរ្យ ភក្សាហារទឹកដោះ
សិប្ប​ អាវុធស្តាំម្ជុល​ ឆ្វេងឈើច្រត់ ពាហនៈ​ លា។
ថ្ងៃព្រហស្បតិ៍៖ នាង​ ករណី ទេវី​ សៀតផ្កាមណ្ឌា គ្រឿងប្រដាប់មរកត ភក្សាហារ សណ្តែក​ ល្ង
អាវុធស្តាំកង្វេ ឆ្វេងកាំភ្លើង ពាហនៈ ដំរី។
ថ្ងៃសុក្រ៖ នាង កិមិរា ទេវី​ សៀតផ្កាចង្កុលណី គ្រឿងប្រដាប់បុស្បរាគ័ម ភក្សាហារ ចេក
ចេកណាំវ៉ា អាវុធស្តាំព្រះខ័ន្ធ ឆ្វេងពិណ ពាហនៈ ក្របី។
ថ្ងៃសៅរ៍៖ នាង មហោទរា ទេវី​ សៀតផ្កាត្រកៀត គ្រឿងប្រដាប់និលរតន៍ ភក្សាហារ​ សាច់
ទ្រាយ អាវុធស្តាំច័ក្រ ឆ្វេងត្រីសូល៍ ពាហនៈ ក្ងោក។

Problems Involving Ratios

The monthly salaries of Richard and Tom were in the ratio of 5 : 6. When Richard’s salary increase by $200 and Tom’s salary increase by $330, the ratio of their salaries became 4 : 5. Find their original monthly salaries.

So let’s Richard’s salary is 5n and Tom’s salary is 6n, where n is constant.
To find new salary of Richard’s = $(5n+200)
To find new salary of Tom’s = $(6n+330)
5n+200 over 6n+330 = 4 over 5
Then, we do something called “Cross Multiply.”
5(5n+200) = 4(6n+330)
And it becomes, 25n+1,000 = 24n+1,320
n = 320
Richard’s monthly salary = 5 x 320 = $1,600
Tom’s monthly salary = 6 x 320 = $1,920