Math – Pre Scholastic Assessment Test

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          On Saturday 14th, October, 2017, All of us took a Pre-SAT which is standing for “Pre-Scholastic Assessment Test.” It is an international test where students can assess their self of their study progression. On the day we took the test, I could see everybody’s faces were full of fear and anxiety, but at the end of the test, all of their faces were enthusiastic. This tough test was giving us stress and difficulty because you have to take it efficiently since there’s time limitation.

          During the some sections of the test, I didn’t get a chance to finish all the questions that it provided because I could evaluate myself; I took a lot of time in each question. There were complex vocabularies that we never learn before. Moreover, this whole test is the starting point of my SAT adventure. The result will represent how well I did, and how bad I did, but that’s OK. It will the start for me, and I have to get prepared with all the lessons that I need to improve.

          Basically, I felt happy about my result because I know my ability of how far I can go. I didn’t stress myself badly, but I’m just trying to confront with the truth. I heard some of my friends results, and it was turning out that I was really happy for them. I believe after taking this test, my math facilitator, Jeff, will work hard to get us prepared, but I would love to thank him a lot for getting us prepared and comforting us as best as he can.  

Problems Involving Ratios

This my product that I did for covering up of what I learned in my math class. This poster is showing us about the ratios are involving into the realistic and unrealistic word problems. Personally, ratios word problems can be easy and hard for me at the same time, according to the requirement of reading comprehension and the understand of math in ratio lessons. I love the ratio problems that are talking about ingredients to make one type of food, as the question that I made in the poster. This poster took me about two days to finish because this poster requires a lot of clear writing, explanation and how it look. For one important thing, is will the other students understand the concept that you are trying to show and explain. You can see and download my poster picture and share it to your students or family members as your study’s resources. Also, there are other posters that my friends did in class and all of their posters and my poster are sticking to the math class’s wall to let other students see it.

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Problems Involving Ratios

The monthly salaries of Richard and Tom were in the ratio of 5 : 6. When Richard’s salary increase by $200 and Tom’s salary increase by $330, the ratio of their salaries became 4 : 5. Find their original monthly salaries.

So let’s Richard’s salary is 5n and Tom’s salary is 6n, where n is constant.
To find new salary of Richard’s = $(5n+200)
To find new salary of Tom’s = $(6n+330)
5n+200 over 6n+330 = 4 over 5
Then, we do something called “Cross Multiply.”
5(5n+200) = 4(6n+330)
And it becomes, 25n+1,000 = 24n+1,320
n = 320
Richard’s monthly salary = 5 x 320 = $1,600
Tom’s monthly salary = 6 x 320 = $1,920

Khan Academy

Liger students is using Khan Academy about two years already and this the useful website that help us to improve our math, teach us new lessons and good for practice. Now I working on Algebra I and my percentage is 18%. It’s hard for me to do some exercises because as my percentage gets higher and higher things get harder. Also this year 2016 in April in math class have an event that if we increase the percentage that percent will turn into points for the auction.
First I’m only have ten percents but I’m having 18 percents so I’m eight percents increased. If you want to improve your math, learn new things and needs more practice to KHAN!