I Go to an Unusual School

Name: Venghour
Class: D
Date: 9/10/15
I go to an unusual school. This school gives Cambodian kids an opportunity to a brighter future. This school is called Liger Learning Center. The Liger Learning Center (LLC) has 50 students. In this school there are a lot of subjects, such as math, khmer, literacy, exploration, expertise. One of the Liger’s cool projects is called Independent Discovery (ID). Independent Discovery means creating our own project, for example: my independent project is about Experts of Cambodian art. Everyday I try to find the information and find some pictures to draw for my project. Also this school is different from other schools by letting students have a chance to do an experience and learn outside the school. So it’s the best opportunity for students to know a lot of things about the outside world.
I think this unusual school is one of the best school I ever learn. Also this school gives me a lot of opportunity to go outside for a study trip. It’s an unbelievable school that have in Cambodia and helping kids for a brighter future.