Second Sharation of 2015 – 2016

This is the second Sharation of the school year! I’m so happy to continue the sharing of what I’d done in the exploration round two. There are a lot of new and excited things happened in this round and one cool thing is the explorations this round is running by a student’s! So there are ten different and odd exploration. Such as: Liger Pride Yearbook, Crime in Cambodia, Drones, Fiction Writing, Hydropower, Interior Design, Local Libraries, Recycle Art, Robotics and Tourism in Cambodia. These explorations are very interesting because each person in each exploration worked really hard to find and lead their own exploration.

The first exploration is Hydropower exploration. The goals of this exploration is to establish the hydropower generator model for Liger and understanding the big ideas about the hydropower. So in class, this exploration is basically learning about the hydropower and the important parts of the hydropower. By the way, do you know what is hydropower? The answer is Hydropower a type of renewable energy contained in flowing water from the reservoir or the river to make into the electricity.

The second exploration is Crime in Cambodia. This is a really good exploration because the teammates of the is exploration went to many provinces about the different laws in Cambodia. One of the trips that they went is Kep Province to interview the founder of Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC). This group went their because they want to know strongly about the marine life protection and the law of fisheries in Cambodia. The main goal of this exploration is wanting to issue the documentary and distribute to all Cambodians and other people around the world.

The third exploration is Liger Pride Yearbook. The major target of this exploration is to publish the years books for the students and staff at Liger. So this team is working hardly to discover the old pictures (four years ago) and edited it into the book. Mainly, Liger Pride Yearbook is explaining and reminding us of the old times that we’ve been together, especially about the activities, classes and more. At the end of the each of us got the book.

The fourth exploration is Khmer Interior Design. This is one of my favorite exploration even though I’m not in this project. The goal of this exploration is to build and design the apartment for the volunteers that come to Liger. For myself I always think designing the apartment is very easy thing to do but it isn’t. After this exploration presented the works and idea, it’s entirely change my perspective that designing isn’t a very easy thing to do.

The fifth exploration is Local Libraries. This is a helpful project to all Cambodians because the goal of the project is to build the small library for the kids in local. This project helps kids in Cambodia have more ability to read and increase their knowledge!

The sixth exploration is Fiction Writing. So this exploration came up an idea of writing the fiction books for Cambodian kids who ages from 10 -14. The goal of this exploration is writing the fiction books that involve with the Cambodian cultures. This group doesn’t give up, they took a big step to join many events about the writing.

The seventh exploration is Robotics. This is a cool exploration that provided the students to join the robotic exploration in Singapore called “First Lego League” (FLL). This is the third time for Liger to join the competition. The first competition is about natural disaster, the second is education and this year is about trash treks. This exploration have two teams to participate and one of the group got the first place of presenting the idea. In class, the students are working one the programming and finding about the trash treks in Cambodia!

The eighth exploration is Recycled Art. The main aim of the exploration is persuade the villagers in the community to follow or using 3Rs. 3Rs means Reuse, Reduce and Recycling. Most of the time in class we sketched and researched out the ideas to make the recycling products. I’m one of the members in this project and this project is really meaningful because I got to teach and share about the beauty of the recycling products to Cambodia. Additionally, we went to Takeo to teach the students and play the activities that reconcile the project.

The ninth exploration is about Tourism in Cambodia. The group traveled a lot because majorly they are trying to find the hidden tourist place in Cambodia and try to promote to the foreigner about fun places in Cambodia that they should visit. This group had made the film about the hidden tourism place.

The last exploration is Drones! This class is learning how to fly the drones that school provided. The goal of this exploration is to buy a drone for Liger because we want to the the pictures and videos of Liger campus. They also ask some companies for promoting their places by drone.

These are all the ten exploration happened in this second sharation! Let wait and see what we will get for the next sharation!


Physical Educator (PE) Description

In our first seven week we have different expertise classes. This post is about Physical Education (PE). Our teacher name Karen she from USA. This class is about sport and we had play a lot of different activities that related to sport. In PE we played activities such as: football, capture the flag and a relay activities. Relay activities means there’s a lot of activities in one row. This game is after we finish one activity we need to change the partner. These are some activities in relay activities are arm wrestling, running around sport court five rounds, 100 jumps with jump rope, ten pushups and more. For sometimes in this class we had the competition like a race between girls group and boy is by laying on the ground and use our legs to pick the ball and pass to our teammate. At that time my group won two times but we all have fun.