Unusual Spiritualism in Cambodia

Hello! This is the fourth exploration of this year and I’m so excited that we’re going to make another episode of podcast about this exploration. Do you think that yourself believe in ghost!? I think ghosts are creepy but never mind. This exploration called Unusual Spiritualism in Cambodia. My feeling kind of scare when I study our this exploration. So this exploration is hardly and stickily on spirits in Cambodia. In our team had been discovered a lot of spirits that we had been know so we can go outside to interview people about those spirits and SUPERSTITION! You know what in Cambodian we believe a ton of superstition in those different places and here are some of the superstition we know:
1. If there is a three-color cat coming to live in your house, you will have good luck.
2. If you dream about snake biting you, then you will have someone love you and want to get married with you.
3. Don’t let the black cat walk over the dead body, or the soul of that dead person will walk around and hunt others.

About our podcast we use the program called Audacity because we can edit detaily on the audio that we need to edit. Also to get this episode established we need to find all the information by going on our trip. So we went to Kampong Cham, Kampong Speu, Kep, Kampot and Sihanouk Ville. We interview many different people to get all the information. Now Cambodia believing are mixed of the Animism, Buddhism and Brahmanism. Go back to the first century Cambodia is believing in Animism but there’re indian came in so involving with Brahmanism and Buddhism and the Angkor Wat is builded up to dedicate to Vishnu, the goddess. For superstition is happening in different places like at the sea, forest, home, etc. All the Animism, Buddhism, and Brahmanism we got it from the Lecturer of Asian Study. We interviewed hi with lots of questions and he’s an american but he married to Cambodian woman, also he speaks Khmer very well.

After we went back from our trip we upload all the audios and transcribed it, split the audios for our podcast and then we made our podcast: ligercast.ligercambodiablog.org. Go to listen now to know about all the unique believes in Cambodia!

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Humans of Cambodia (HOC)

This is the exploration that I feel like I get to know and understand about Cambodia nation’s life looks like. Our group comes up a name called Human of Cambodia (HOC). This exploration is mostly focus on Cambodian life by going outside in different places around Cambodia to interview all those people about how their lives going and their personalities. We come up with this idea by on website called Humans of New York (HONY) and you go to visit that page by this website humansofnewyork.com. In this class the whole class needs to know the technique of taking the pictures for first of all by our first practice is shooting our friends with different themes. For myself I love to shoot photograph because I can be an expert of it in one day. We learn all the technique of interviewing by this man, Brandon Stanton who is the owner of HONY. For the first start of our exploration we start to write our own creative story which just posted before.

And here are the techniques of what questions we should ask?
Ask about the person’s action
Specific actions and habits NOT beliefs
Ask “forward” questions
(What keeps you up at night?) specific- (What’s going to keep you up tonight after this interview?)
forward question is talking about the future
Ask open-ended questions
can answer with YES and NO.
Ask dumb questions
If you don’t know what they saying just ask for “CLARIFICATION!!!!!”
Confused = ASK!
Ask pointed questions and light-hearted questions
controversial – lots of debate
light-hearted – funny, something random, brainless
Ask short questions and then follow up
ask something really short and then follow up

In our exploration working so hard on transcribing the audios that we had been interviewing from Khmer to english. For me sometimes it’s hard for to transcribe because I need to transcribe it exactly word by word so we can’t change the speech of the people saying. When we transcribe we don’t have to transcribe the whole this we need to listen and choose the best part of it. Sometimes when I listen to the audio I felt so happy because it’s funny but sometimes it’s normal. One of my big challenge in this exploration is when I go to interview people it’s hard for me approach them but I always think of the techniques that I learn. Our website is in two languages because we want it to balance and we can let all the Cambodians read it and foreigners too.

Here are the techniques to approach people:
energy you are giving off – non – threatening

escalating levels of intimacy

standing alone (it will be more likely to approach someone who alone)

broad? (broad to personal ex. to be optimistic)
→ He wants personal story

ask about moments (most success, most is specific -sadness, happy…)

if it makes you laugh
→ If it makes him laugh he puts on the blog.

We also follow the process how to get things done faster because we have many audios to work on so this is the process: 1. Choose the audio
2. Transcribe (English and Khmer) & Choose the best part
3. Check english with english facilitator
4. Check Khmer with Khmer facilitator
5. Choose the picture of the interviewee
6. Send it to Website Editor
7. Post it on the Website

During we interview we can’t just taking the picture as we want. We need to ask the permission from them and we need to ask them can we post in the website so it’s public. Go to our Websit NOW! To know about all Cambodians lives: humansofcambodia.ligercambodiablog.org

Here the example of our works:


ក្នុងជីវិតបងអ្វីដែលពិបាកចិត្តជាងគេ គឺពេលដែលបងមានមិត្តភ័ក្តអត់ស្មោះត្រង់នឹងបង​ ។
ពេលខ្លះគាត់អត់និយាយស្មោះត្រងនិងស្អប់បង គាត់មានរឿងអីគាត់លាក់បង ប៉ុន្តែពេលបងមាន
អីចែករំលែកដល់គាត់ បងអត់លាក់គាត់ទេ​ បងផ្តល់ភាពស្មោះត្រង់ឲ្យគាត់តែគាត់អត់ផ្តល់ភាព
“What is the saddest time in your life?”
“The saddest time in my life (is) when I have friends who do not (show) integrity to me. Sometimes they don’t talk the truth and they hate me; when they have something, (they) always hide, but when I have something, I always share with them. I don’t try to hide from them, I give them a faithful, but they don’t give me a faithful.”

Hidden Voices Exploration

This is the first exploration of the fourth year in my school and this exploration called Hidden Voices. This is the most favorite exploration that I’ve ever had because it’s about Cambodian Singers and all the endangered songs in Cambodia that our next generation needs to preserve and it’s threatening to live this world. Our goals in this exploration are trying to collect many songs as we can by contact to some people on phone, went outside to interview all the people. In my exploration we have three facilitators are our Khmer teacher, sophorn and our foreign teachers, Rich and Trish. All these three main teachers always help us to get everything done and help us to get everything in place. Our exploration had a trip to different provinces in Cambodia to discover all that endangered songs by interviewing people there. We went to Phnom Penh,
Kampong Spue and Mondulkiri. Also we aren’t just trying to get our old Cambodian songs we want to save the traditional Phnong musics and dances. So we went to Mondulkiri to see the show of the Phnong singing and dancing and record some of them talking about how all of their tradition arts important to them. During our trip we met a lot of people that gave us the precious songs and some of them we never heard before. At the end of our exploration we came up a product is Podcast. We created a podcast for our Hidden Voices exploration and it’s the first episode of our school. Our group worked so hard in the process to make this podcast. We transcribe all the Khmer audios into english. In our podcast we have two hosts, producers and the interviewees. My friend, Dalin and I are the main host in the podcast. Trish, our facilitator gave us a great opportunity to perform the songs that we have in Hidden Voices exploration to audience at Luna. I feel very excited and proud of my group because we can share all of our endangered songs to others. After that we have a sharation and we can share all the information to the visitors that came to our school.

You can listen to our Podcast by ligercast.ligercambodiablog.org and visit my host, Dalin by dalin.ligercambodiablog.org.

Artist of Cambodia Description

Exploration Name: Artist of Cambodia
Exploration Dates: January 8 – September 28
Number of students: 5 students
Essential Questions: 1. What is ART?
2. Why ART is important to Cambodia?
3. How ART can make Cambodia develop?
4. How to use art in a business?

Description: Artist of Cambodia is an exploration that the students need to create your own exploration as known as CYOE. Sovannary, Sythong, Vornsar, Sokea and I create this exploration and the ideas up. Our exploration also collaborate with other create your own explorations too such as: Khmer Interior Design Exploration and Robots Exploration. Why we collaborate with them because both of these explorations are focus about recycling stuff. So our main ideas in our exploration are try to create a lot of recycling products. Our goal is to change Cambodian perspective by showing them our products through having a trip with different places. We had a campaign near the market because we want to show what our exploration is doing, also we feel strongly to change Cambodian perspective to see how trash recycles into the useful products. For the first time we arrived the market we set the table full of the our products and there weren’t a lot of people come to us. Then we start to execute our plan by holding our products and talk to people. At that time it was hard but we try our best. Also we had the plan that we collaborate with the villager near our campus that every weeks we collected the dry wastes from them and they need to pack the wastes for us.

Then we had a trip to Takeo Province. We went to NFO and invited the students to join us. The students at there were welcoming us a lot and at that time I felt so excited to share them all of our projects. Our plan to go there is trying to teach the kids to understand how wastes is affecting to our country. All the students at there are smart and enjoy of what we did. So we came up with an idea to have a competition let the students think what can they make the the dry waste. After that we gave a topic to make a school material like pencil case, bottles to keep pencils, pen, ect. Then we divided the students into nine groups because we thought that if we had more groups of student there will be more ideas. Each group had there own cool name Electric Boy, Red Ant, etc. At the end the Electric Boy team won the competition and we gave them the handmade books to them as the prize.

When we arrived back to our school, we needed to prepare everything for sharation. Our sharation was an unusual sharation that we never had in our school before. In the event we had ten explorations. Each team had ten minutes.
I was very happy to share what my team had done in the project and we showed all the products of our project on the big table to the audience. Also we shared all these projects to our parent too and they were very impressed with us and enjoy what we had done.

Creative Writing “Ferocious Schnowlzer: The Strange and Brave Creature”

On the sunny day in the dead forest filled with snow, a group of visitors and a dog named Schnauzer came to do a trip around there. In that dead forest there were a lot of aggressive animals hiding in the holes, on the trees and on other places. While the visitors were walking around the forest, a massive and strange situation happened. A strange creature just rushed to them and that creature was called “Towel.” This creature is from a tiger and an owl who have joined with each other and live in the forest for a hundred years. The visitors didn’t know what they were going to do because they were all full with fear. They ran immediately into the forest. After they ran into the forest for a while, they just knew they had lost Schnauzer, so they needed to break into small groups to find him. Schnauzer was a brave dog, so he had left the visitors without letting them know. He had to leave because he knew himself that he had a strong magical body that he could attach to other flying animals. After that, he saw an enormous owl named Ferocious, who had just flown to him and that owl was very kind to Schnauzer, so they became friends. Five minutes later, Schnauzer’s face was getting depressed and Ferocious wondered why Schnauzer was sad. Then Schnauzer told Ferocious that his visitors were in danger and only one strategy could help them: they need to attach both of their bodies to become the strongest and bravest creature in the dead forest. Next, Ferocious and Schnauzer just attached to each other and marvelous magic appeared. They became a huge creature called “Ferocious Schnowlzer.” Usually, birds lay eggs, and mammals have babies, so this creature can’t reproduce. It was just made from an animal and another animal by magic. Ferocious Schnowlzer flew to the Towel and attacked him. While Ferocious Schnowlzer and Towel were attacking each other, all the visitors saw their dog attacking. They all were very happy that their dog was brave and strong. Finally, Ferocious Schnowlzer killed Towel and everybody just screamed out loud with excitement. Suddenly Ferocious and Schnauzer just became normal again. The visitors gave them a prize; Schnauzer got the beef and Ferocious got frogs to eat. So both of them were very happy with their prize.

Entrepreneurship Description

Exploration Name; Entrepreneurship

Dates:10/6/2014 – 11/21/2014

Number of Students: 12

Location of Trips Taken: ARC Hub PNH, Northbridge, Small World,

Central Market, Cham Pu Ka-ek Market

Essential Questions: How to make a business?

Course Description: In our Exploration is called Entrepreneurship. We had four groups. There are HP-Pro, Shook, Sa-art Action and CPH. Every person in each group had different job to do, like leader, marketing, blogger, designer and website. Every Friday, we went to Arc Hub to study with Kichong. We’ve been learning some terms. All the terms that we’ve learned are connected to business. Here are some terms that we’ve learned: profit means how much money we earned ; loss means the money that loose from our business ; feedback is comment, suggestion, improvement, advice ; prototype is the sample to learn from ; insight means understanding people vision ; proactive is to cause something to happen and not waiting for good luck. On the last day, we take a test to make sure that we understand all the term that we’ve learn. We wrote essay for the test.

This is my team business website: http://sweethangerhook.weebly.com/

SHH Flyfer

Capture 12


Liger TV Station Description

Name of Course: Liger TV Station

Learning Facilitator:  Sophorn

Number of Students: 12

Dates: May 15-June 17

Course Description: In our Exploration class we have learned about plastics and also we learned how to become TV reporters. We also had a lot of trips because we wanted to know more information about plastics. For example we went to BKKM (Boeung Keng Kong Market), City mall, Cintri and the Ministry of Environment. The reasons why we went on the trips were because we wanted to know how the people use the plastics each day. We wanted to compare which market uses a lot of plastics. When we went on the trip we also interviewed the sellers and the buyers about the plastics. The questions that we asked them were important for us and they also told us a lot of information that they knew. When we went to the Cintri we can know how they work. Cintri has one important idea like how to help the environment. They told us that if we wanted the people to follow us like they use less plastics it needs to start from you. Then when they see us do that they will do too. In class we also learned about plastics and we made the TV channel about plastic so other people can know how bad the plastics are and the problems to the environment and animals, when there are plastics a lot. So our group did the presentation to the people in the community that is near our school. Some people they nearly cry because they know about it and never hear the children can know a lot of information about plastics. When we were in class we divided it in the groups, some people wrote the reflection when we came back from the trip and put it in the blog and some people edited the video. Some time when we went to trip like go to BKKM we went with other groups that learn about plastics, so can share our ideas and some people they can get new ideas.


Ecotourism Description

Exploration name: Ecotourism

Exploration dates: August 13-October 3, 2014

Number of students: 13

Essential questions:

(1) What is ecotourism?

(2) How can ecotourism help change our country?

Ecotourism means to travel to natural areas that protect environment and help people life at location became better. Ecotourism was also about helping to preserve the environment. Our ecotourism group went to Chi Phat to study about the ecotourism in Chi Phat. Also we learned about how ecotourism in Chi Phat are different from other ecotourism sites. Our big goal when we went to Chi Phat was to interview as many people as possible. We interviewed different people to get different answers and all the people had different perspectives. After we interviewed a lot of people we came back and studied about the information we found some areas of concern. Our group made a recommendation to Chi Phat community about the areas of concern. Some areas of concern are education, transportation, marketing, collaboration, and energy. After we finished we will send it to Martin and Prom Hong, the CBET (Community Based Ecotourism Site) directors.

Liger Public Relations (PR) Description

Exploration 5 –

Exploration Name: Public Relations (PR)

Exploration Dates: March 10th-May 2nd, 2014

Number of students: 8

Essential Questions/ Areas:

1. Literacy Coaching

2. Presentation Skills

3. Global Connections


In our Exploration class, we had three things to work on. The first area was global connections. Global connections mean that we share what we do at Liger with people around the world by using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and blog. The first thing we used is Instagram because we can post the picture and caption to show what we do at Liger. The second area we practiced was literacy coaching. Literacy coaching is about teaching other students about literacy. This means when students need help to edit a blog or presentation we help them edit and give them some feedback or advice.The last is Presentation skills. The presentation skills we learned about are stance, eye contact, fidget, speed, and volume. Our goal was to share Liger to the world, have more people come to our Exploration Celebration and get more followers on Instagram.

Tropical Forest Ecology Description

Exploration 4 –

Exploration Name: Forest Ecology

Exploration Dates: Oct 7, 2013 – Nov 19, 2013

Number of students: 12

Essential Questions: (1) What is an ecosystem? (2) What is a natural resource?

Forest Ecology Description:      An ecosystem is the living things and the non-living things connecting with each other. The one example is algae. Algae take the sunlight for food and fish eat algae and then people eat fish. This is one connection. In Ecosystems class we had a journey book to take notes or write keywords that we don’t know what that word means. In Ecology class the first topic that we learned was tropical forest. We did not just learn only tropical forests but we also learned a lot of kinds of forests like conifers and others. A tropical forest is the forest that has rain a lot all year. We also learned about ecological relationships. Ecological relationships mean that one organism and another organism connect with each other. Ecological relationships are divided in five parts. They are parasitism, commensalism, predator-prey, mutualism and competition. Our Ecology group went to Mondolkiri province to study there. We spent six days at Mondol Kirai. We met a lot of people like Bunong people. On Saturday we came back to our school and we shared what we learned.