Impact Hub: Tech For Education

              Impact Hub was hosting an event with the theme of “Tech for Education.” Some of us from Liger invited to be speakers at the event. Liger students were presenting about our new digital system, Liger Digital Currency. My friends, Malika and Sreyneang were the representatives of the team. They were enthusiastically sharing this cool system we implemented on our school campus. I was truly believing that the presentation was inspirational and mind-blowing to the audience. There were many tough, good questions raised by the audience towards our friend; it was a great experience to hear their perspective and ideas.

           Besides our team, there was a teacher presenting his idea of implementing the video game, Minecraft in his classroom. The purpose was to teach his students about the world and communities with facing of failures and successes. I thought it was a cool idea of him since it is really true that technology can expand its ability to teach kids about the worlds and communities. Minecraft is a video game focusing on being creative and collaborative with other players. Therefore, this teaching or learning style helps students to be more active with their classmates in term of teamwork.

             Overall, I did really like the whole event because it was really interesting. There was great interaction between the presenters and the audience. I was also nice to see how tech technology manipulates the world in many distinguish ways through education. I also curious about what will Cambodia looks in the next decade with the implementation of technology in our education. It will be a big step for Cambodia to strengthening the education with the help of technology.

The fifth Year!

YEAH! This is the fifth year of studying at Liger Learning Center. All the students and staffs took a big break about two months and we are tired of taking a big break. When we came back from our provinces, everybody faces seems changes, some are taller and some are wiser and matured. I can’t believe that I can see there attractive and joyful faces again in this fifth year. The most exciting things about this fifth years are new cohort for senior students and new junior students are coming. The new cohort for senior students is gorgeous, I never see the beautiful dormitory like this ever in my life. So there are eight apartments, and each apartment contains six to seven members. We start to cook by ourself on this fifth year and all the senior students are prepared of cooking since last year. Also we are welcoming the new students which are our Liger next generation. All of their faces are cute and smart. So we enjoy the rest of the year together.