My First Dancing Competition

          While waiting for the upcoming 2017 Christmas, Soliday and I submitted our dance one-minute dance video in a competition, called “Christmas Dance Challenge.” The rule of the competition was to choose a music or song to dance for one minute and it had to be Christmas theme. Soliday and I chose a song, called “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Trap Remix).” We were really happy with the chosen music, but we were having a hard to think of the choreography.

          Choreographing a dance is not easy as it looks. It requires your stamina and thinking. Poses, styles, personalities, techniques, and expressions are demanded in dancing. The music we chose was a little bit fast and full of beats. Therefore, we need to choreograph a dance that shows our strength, sassiness, and coolness. Our one minutes dance choreographing turned into one day. We did not expect that it was going to consume a lot of our time, effort, and determination. Simultaneously, it was fun and silly because we got to create any styles we wanted and saw the inspiration from other competitors who were also submitted in the competition.

         I really love and admire arts and I really do love dancing. It is something that has become a part of life. By participating in this dancing competition has changed my life with arts. It helps to boost up my competitiveness and effort to pursue my dream in this area. This was also my first time submitting to the dancing competition. It is inspired to learn and try hard to my limits. But most importantly, this competition makes my best memory of all time, especially working with my dancing partner.

          For sure next year, I will try to join this competition again. As a matter of fact, we did not qualified to the top 5 in this competition. As a promise, Soliday and I will join this event again by bringing new dancing moves. Dancing is a beautiful talent. I am proud of myself and my dancing partner to pursue this dream together. If you want to watch our dance video, here is the link:


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