Creating A Hopeful Future – TEDX 2017

          On the 25th of November, 2017, It was an amazing day in my life. I got invited to an event, Ted X Phnom Penh by my friend, Dalin. She was one of the speakers at the whole events. There were other students, facilitators from Liger, and even the board! The theme of Ted X this year was creating a hopeful future. I think that this topic is a really important message to deliver around the world even though our contemporary world is still in mess, but simultaneously, we should think about our grateful future. By participating in this event, I could relate many world problem and my personal highlights toward this theme.

         During this event, Dalin talked about the LGBTQ+ community where it’s such a big and controversial topic around the world. By listening to her speech, I was tearing the whole time because it was really emotional and hopeful at the same time. I started to think about Cambodia of questioning when will our country has all of the recognition. Dalin was also coming out to the whole audience that she is a Cambodian bisexual girl. I was really proud of her, and I was thankful for her to manipulate the world with her strong speech. As I observed the audience, I could see how quiet they are. Furthermore, there were other speakers talking about the fourth industrial revolution, the encourage of being aware, preservation of our animals, how technology empowered individuals, and solar power.

         In detail, every speaker was amazing. They tried to make their speech best as possible with concise sentences, hopeful and inspirational messages. All of Liger students were doing their phenomenon job to improve their braveness within themselves. I could remember some of them when they were little; they had lacked confidence in presenting the ideas. And if you watch their presentation right now, it was mind-blowing. I also saw their inputs of emotion and expression to strengthening and empowering themselves, and trying to speak clearly and slowing as possible. Most of all, It was an honor to get invited and listened to all the speeches, and I do think that this world will encompass with lots of hopeful people and solutions.


          Overall, I do think that Ted X Phnom Penh is an event where it gathers people to collaborate and see what’s going on right now. It is our duty to distribute all the messages to the world. I will plan to submit an application for this event because I think that this one of many ways to change my country and the world. Once again, congratulations to all the speakers that put all of their efforts and determination.


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