The Second Trip – Oct 26th – 29th

After LMRT members have certified as divers, for this second trip it was less intense. For the main intention of this trip is to pass and understand all the provided fish species we had been preparing for before this trip. As always, there were many other diving skills that LMRT had to master: navigation, fish identification, and diving leading. For this trip, I go to be a diving leader and I was responsible to take care, other members. It was uncomfortable for the first time when I had many types of equipment all over my body. There were the diving computer, slate, tank banger,  and compass. Before I became the diving leader, I already studied and experienced all the equipment and their techniques. Became a diving leader for the first was actually challenging because you have to know how to use all the equipment and instructions for leading a dive. After all, I was enjoying it and hopefully, I will be the chosen diving leader again.

                         After learning the navigation, we are ready to practice!

We dove for the total amount of three dives. There were sometimes that we have to revoke the diving schedule since sometimes, the water visibility or the weather is bad, which is not safe to dive. Besides diving at the Koh Seh’s home reef, we got a chance to dive at another island, Koh Mak Prang; it was the location and time that I was a diving leader. The water visibility was good and we dove about an hour long. About the fish identification test, everybody was passing the test. Most of the time, we learn from our mistakes. Sometimes we got some of the fish species wrong, but it is very important to learn the mistakes. The test was tricky because there were fish species that we did not know or unable to identify.

I was preparing and cleaning up the diving pieces of equipment after diving.
This was me, a diving leader with all the equipments all over the body.






As a summary of the trip, I actually noticed that my diving skills are developing each time I dove. I was able to adjust my buoyancy to find of neutral one and experience the roles of being a diving leader. The whole trip was a stress-free moment; we helped to do the beach cleaning-up and meeting new volunteers. Aside from all of these accomplishments, we still got two upcoming tests that are waiting for LMRT, which are invertebrate identification and substrates. Hopefully, we will finish those tests with great result, but Most of all, I am really excited for the next trip in next month.



On the way back for LLA.

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