Khmer – Pjum Ben Ceremony

          Throughout Cambodian calendar, there is many national and international ceremonies or celebrations filled in. Cambodia is a country that full of Cambodians under the practice of Buddhism. Relating to that, I just learned one of the ceremonies in Buddhism, Pjum Ben. It is a topic that almost Cambodian students learn annually. Generally, Pjum Ben is a ceremony for all family members to reunite, also to go to pagodas to pray for there ancestors. Personally, I’m happy to love, enjoy, and passionate to study expressly about this ceremony.

           In Khmer class, we’ve been doing a lot of teamwork with many topics. For this topic, we joined in team and created a short presentation. Additionally, we also combined our research into a research paper in a larger scale where you can find all of the information details about this ceremony. All the students were researching through many Khmer books, websites, articles, and interviews. Moreover, we were getting the significant help from our Khmer facilitator, Sokha (So-kha).





          Sokha had been working and facilitating us for quite a long time. He’d been bringing up many Cambodian learning concepts which are really thoughtful of him, also, it’s beneficial to all of us. We got to know tons of information about our history throughout many periods, folk tales, environment of Cambodia, etc. All the students are here today are very wise with Cambodian language and information, just by him. Also, it’s also our duty to create our own independent zone in order to improve our self independently.

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