2015-2016 Yearly Reflection

How I Change Cambodia

It had been for four years that I study and suck all those wise experience in Liger Learning Center. I feel really proud and enthusiastically, seeing change in a bigger picture, means I’m seeing change in a big place and I’m not focusing on the individual one. But for now I’m really passionate and interesting on one change that I observe in Cambodia is “The encouragement and braveness of showing something”. As I see this is the change that I really want to change in Cambodia and I have a lot of experience with this that I would like to share.

“The encouragement and braveness of showing something” is really precious and meaningful for me that it makes me want to distribute all of my dreaming ideas to other people (elders, young kids, teenagers, next generations) but substantially for the young kids that live all around the world. I understand and think deeply about those kids that they are easily getting shy. I agree with that because it happens to me a lot when I was young and I’m betting it happens to all of you too. Who want to get shy, but we need to show and speak to them about all of these things.

I like to talk all about the encouragement and braveness to my younger sister, my father and especially my friends. For me, my younger sister is a good speaker and every year in her school there is an event called Public Speaking by discussing and present the ideas of the topic that given. Every time when the event starting she always come to me and ask me to listen to her about how she presents and speaks. Also she tells me that she is scared and shy. So I tell her to calm down herself and be brave. I always support her because we can see that kids are easily getting shy so they need our support and sweetness. For one more thing my father always tells me, don’t be scared of someone else be brave and think of someone that supports you! So I feel relaxed and this is a massive encouragement for me as a kid to gather up all of my power together to talk or to wow other people.

Every day when I ever I go back home, I always dance during my free time. More than that my younger sister is always watching me dancing around like a fool person but I’m not actually. I know how she feels when she’s watching me! After that I encourage her to dance with me, but she says no I can’t, I just can’t do it. Then I reply to her back by using the encouragement that I feel to her. I ask her where is your braveness? Come on! Just try, maybe you get it. After she tried the dance she feels relaxfully and want to dance more. So I try to a role model of my sister that whatever I do she can too. So I tried to promote her by doing the activities like this. After one day there is a girl comes to me and asks me can she dance too. She had a conflict just like my sister. So I tell her everything that I told my sister. After one week all three of us dance together peacefully, there is no worries about something goes wrong, just enjoying yourself.

For one more thing that I experience of kids are being shy and having less encouragement is during my talent show, “Kingdom of Wow”. For the first week that we start to choose kids, who are would like to join, most of them are making an unsure face. They feel that they should join, they have talent or not. Our planning committee really want all of them to join so we just try to talk something that make them feel this is really special for them and it’s a phenomenon opportunity for them to show out of what they can do to the world. The day nearly for the show we start to count all the performers and it’s nearly a hundred performers! We are so happy and feel really proud to all those people that join the competition. That’s show how the encouragement and braveness in charge their whole body and mind to think positively.

My first baby step is on me to show something unusual to other people in order to make them feel great and interesting to what we do. Why I do like this because after they saw what I had do they can think can I do like me and they feel really want to try to things that are new. So it’s really important to show them how brave we are. So this is the demonstration to all the young kids to make them feel brave that they can do like what we do too.

This year I feel like I make a gigantic change for Cambodia because I had create the massive opportunity for the kids and teenagers in Cambodia. It is the talent show, Kingdom of Wow. This is not the show that I create, it is the planning committee, marketing team, also the special thanks to Liger for allows to make this show is available. This show makes all of the audience are feeling really proud and can see the true, innocent talent that Cambodian people have. It’s also make all the performers feel truly about scared isn’t the best strategy to success the aim but the encouragement and braveness are the path for them to a brighter and better goal. I feel solidly that this show will keep continue through my life and in the future.

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